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Our Products - Manufacturing Process

man-process_v2The manufacturing of OSB is highly automated and consists of converting logs into finished panels intended for use in a variety of applications, both structural and non-structural. OSB is made of strands of wood that are cut from logs by precision industrial blades, dried and bonded together under heat and pressure with an exterior-type binder. The amount of wood used, the size and orientation of strands, the amount and type of resins added and the pressing strategies result in products with specific properties that are targeted to a variety of end-uses.

Advances in manufacturing technology have enabled the formulation of innovative panels with properties targeted to end-use segments beyond structural sheathing for roofs, walls and floors in wood frame construction. Such end-uses include wood I-joists, door and furniture components and general purpose decorative applications.


Norbord OSB Sheathing Panels for 2×4 Platform-Frame Construction

Exceptional performance with regards to strength, energy efficiency and speed of construction.  More

Norbord OSB Sheathing Panels for Post & Beam Construction

An effective way to strengthen post & beam structures along with many side benefits.  More

Industrial, Non-structural End-use Applications

Based on innovative manufacturing technologies and product formulations, a new generation of strand-based engineered wood products with performance and appearance attributes specifically designed for industrial applications.  More