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Floor Sheathing

(Example: installation of 910mm x 1820mm Tai-Q Floor panel)

  • Install OSB panels staggered center-to-center on joists, with the long axis of the panel perpendicular to joists
  • Recommended OSB grade classes: 2 or 1
  • Leave an approximate 3mm gap between
    panels over supporting joist

Please see the Construction
Specifications for Wooden Housing
Manual by the Japan Housing
Finance Agency for details.

tai-q-logoNew generation Tai-Q Floor, developed by Norbord for Japan, incorporates pMDI resin technology for enhanced moisture resistance.

Specifically designed for Japanese subfloor applications, Tai-Q Floor minimizes floor surface unevenness that can occur after installation due to precipitation and humidity variations. Using pMDI resin technology and Norbord’s patented tapered edge technology, Tai-Q Floor provides enhanced edge swell performance, virtually eliminating the problem of uneven subflooring.

How our tapered edge works

Norbord applies an engineered taper to the top of all four edges of Tai-Q panels. If the panel is exposed to rain or humidity, the tapered edges allow the panel to expand and become flush with the panel’s surface.

Superior overall performance

floor-sheathing-1Our proprietary tongue & groove (T&G) technology profile provides higher strength, stiffness and durability along the length of panels. Tai-Q’s T&G profile has been successfully tested by APA – The Engineered Wood Association for equivalency with the standard APA T&G profile approved by the Japanese Government Housing Loan Corporation.

Panel installation is simple with our proprietary T&G profile. It is designed for a tight joint along the length of the panel, with a 2mm gap on the bottom surface. In addition, a gap remains at the tip of the tongue when it is engaged in the groove. This allows the panel to expand in high humidity conditions without buckling or causing uneven or wavy floor surfaces.

The edge of the panel along its width does not have a T&G profile, as joints are installed over supports. When installing Tai-Q sub-flooring it is important to leave a 2-to-3mm gap between panels over supports for moisture-related expansion

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