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Higher Performance 2×4 Platform-frame Construction Using Norbord OSB

The 2×4 platform-frame construction method uses floors, roofs and walls to resist both the horizontal and vertical loads generated during windstorms and earthquakes.

The structural properties of sheathing materials are crucial to the performance of floors, roofs and walls.

Norbord’s Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS)-certified structural OSB panels feature high stiffness, inner panel shear strength and excellent nail-holding properties, which enhance the performance of floors, roofs and walls. As a result, structures constructed with Norbord OSB are highly resistant to external forces such as earthquakes, winds and snow and contribute to durable buildings.

The superior structural performance of Norbord OSB and the range of dimensions in which it is available enable it to meet a variety of sheathing demands within the Japanese 2×4 platform-frame construction industry. Our OSB is found in single-family homes and multi-family apartment buildings as well as in non-residential buildings such as elderly care facilities, schools and retail shops.

OSB Dimensions and Span Ratings for Platform-frame (2×4) Construction

Applications JAS Grade Class Nominal Thickness (mm) Nominal Width (mm) Nominal Length (mm) Maximum Span (mm) Nail Type / Nail Spacing (mm)
Loadbearing walls (Strength axis parallel to supports)1 4 9.0
910 1820 2440 2730 2745 3050 455 CN50 / Perimeter Spacing 100. Intermediary Spacing 200
1220 2440 407
Roof Sheeting2 (Strength axis perpendlcular to supports) 3 11.0
910 1820 2730 2745 455 CN50 / Perimeter Spacing 150. Intermediary Spacing 300
2440 407
1220 2440 407
Floor Sheeting (Strength axis perpendlcular to supports) 2 15.0 910 1820 455 CN65 / Perimeter Spacing 150. Intermediary Spacing 200
1220 2440 407
1 18.0
910 1820 606
1220 2440 610

  1. Panels can also be installed with the strength axis perpendicular to supports. For more info, consult APA-The Engineered Wood Association.
  2. T&G panels are available for faster roof installation.
  3. Panels in other dimensions are also available upon request.

Shake table test of seven-storey mixed use building at E-Defense, a research center of Japan’s National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Miki, Japan. The building comprises a steel frame, locked down to the shake table and providing a rigid base for the six-storey wood building, sheathed with Norbord (formerly Ainsworth) OSB. Several tests were conducted between June 30 and July 14 2009, recreating the 1994 Northridge earthquake in California, with increasing levels of intensity. On July 14, the building survived an earthquake with an intensity equal to 1.8 times that of the Northridge earthquake, with minimal and non-structural damage.

Credit: John Willem van de Lindt, Colorado State University

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