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Environment & Sustainability


Environmental Responsibility

A sustainability focus

The raw wood fibre used to produce Norbord OSB is from fast- growing, small-diameter trees that regenerate quickly. Logs used in our OSB are not suitable for the production of solid wood lumber. We use deciduous species such as aspen, poplar and birch, as well as coniferous species such as spruce, pine and fir. Additionally, the bark and chips recovered during the manufacturing process are used to fuel the mills’ energy systems so the entire log is used.

Norbord’s OSB is manufactured with ultra-low or formaldehyde-free resins and no added volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The low formaldehyde emissions of 0.05mg/L allow us to stamp our products with the coveted F★★★★ rating, the most stringent under JAS, and there are no area-size limitations for panel installation.


Sustainable forest management

Under the direction of the Canadian federal and provincial governments, Norbord practices sustainable forest management and ensures environmental protection for the long-term provision of raw material supply and finished goods. All of Norbord OSB shipped to the Japanese market is PEFCTM-certified with full Chain of Custody documentation available.

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Industrial, Non-structural End-use Applications

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