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Best Practices & Applications - 2x4 Construction - Roof Sheathing Installation

Roof Sheathingroof-sheathing-2

Platform-frame (2×4) construction
(Example: 910mm x 1820mm)

Please see the Construction
Specifications for Wooden Housing
Manual by the Japan Housing
Finance Agency for details.

Norbord OSB roof panels are manufactured with a screened surface on one side, offering better traction for installers.

Roof sheathing installation*

  • Install Norbord OSB panels with long sides running perpendicular to rafters or top chord members
  • Stagger panels such that each may be nailed to three or more rafters or top chord members
  • Leave a gap of approximately 3mm between panel edges to allow for expansion due to rain or increased humidity
  • Blocking can be eliminated when using OSB panels featuring a tongue & groove (T&G) joint, resulting in faster installation
  • Recommended OSB grade class: 3
  • For complete details, please consult the “Construction Specifications for Platform-Frame Housing Manual”, published by the Japan Housing Finance Agency.

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